latest group picture
Here we are! (left to right) Alicia, Roberto, Ada, Sunit, Halle, James, Leonora, Danielle, Dan, Prof. Damha

We are a group of motivated young researchers supervised by Professor Masad Damha. We bring unique contributions to research projects and solutions to the challenges we face. Our group does not evaluate people by gender, beliefs, or any other diversifying element but by passion and contribution to the work we share. In fact, we are keen to increasing our group diversity and fostering a training culture where everyone feels welcome and supported.

At McGill since 1992, our group conducts research at the interface of organic synthesis and chemical biology. We are involved in studying the effects of chemical modification on the biological activity and structure of nucleic acids.

Other interests in our lab focus on a range of topics relevant to nucleic acid chemistry, including chemically modified RNAs (CRISPR RNA, siRNA, bRNA), non-canonical DNA structures, strategies to improve cellular uptake of nucleic acids, and the design and synthesis of novel nucleoside analogs. Projects in our group are chosen to provide students with expertise in the application of organic synthesis in nucleic acid chemistry and biology.

An approach that is problem-driven and not technique-driven is also part of the philosophy of our group. We collaborate actively with other academic researchers and industrial partners, so that students are placed in stimulating contact with top scientists in other disciplines at McGill and around the world.